Trustee Training

Maximizing Indigenous Economic And Social Well-Being Across Canada

Indigenous trust assets are estimated to be over 20 billion dollars across Canada. A conservative improvement of 2% in the use of these funds could position hundreds of millions of dollars back to Indigenous communities for enhanced prosperity. Funded by TD Bank Financial Group and AANDC, the National Indigenous Trustee Training Program is designed to empower participants to make informed decisions on behalf of their communities now and in the future.

Trustee Training

Trustee Training

The training has been developed by subject matter experts from NATOA’s corporate members. The training is designed to accommodate varying educational backgrounds in order to increase participant access.

The first intake was targeted to trustee level decision-makers, while a second phase is currently in development for trust and investment intermediate. Once complete, the full program will include trustee training, trust manager training and specialized workshops that will collectively build towards a professional designation in Indigenous Trust Management through NATOA.

Trustee Training
Trustee Training
Trustee Training
Trustee Training

Program Overview – Phase 1

01. Trust Overview
02. Typical Trust Frameworks
03. Duties and Powers of Trustees
04. Trust Investment
05. Trust Expenses
06. Trustee Meeting
07. Accounts of Trustees
08. Trust Reporting

Program Overview – Phase 2

01. Trust Principles
02. Trustee Obligations
03. Investment Markets
04. Alternative Markets
05. Governance Considerations
06. Investment Policies and Strategies
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