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Ricky-Lee Watts

Ricky-Lee Watts

Ricky-Lee Watts is named after his late father, Rick Watts, whose ancestry is unknown, and through his mother, Molly Watts, he is Nuučaan̓uł. His Quu-as name is Aamiitlaa, meaning “blessed one”.

Ricky-Lee is a first-generation University graduate, traveller, dreamer, and visionary leader. Currently, he is involved as Youth Lead Program Manager with Indigenous Clean Energy, Elected Councillor for his nation, and as a Motivational Speaker. Experienced in working with Indigenous communities, universities, and government; Ricky-Lee lives a life of interconnectedness and intentionality.

Ricky-Lee loves connecting with people and inspiring them to embrace their power, to find beauty within themselves, their communities, and in the world around them; even when it is challenging to do so. Leading with curiosity, passion, and gratitude; Ricky-Lee brings forth love and dedication to being the role model he needed when he was younger.

Recognized as “young elder” by his colleagues, his vision is one that inspires values of ʔiisaak and hišukʔiš c̓awaak — respect for all creation having a common origin, and that everything is one.

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