The collaboration between National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA) and SHARE aligns capital with Indigenous values, rights and title, and reconciliation.

 The National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA) and the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE) are proud to receive the 2020 Responsible Investment Association Market Education Award for its partnership on the Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative (RRII).

This innovative project mobilizes institutional investors as allies with Indigenous peoples to use their capital and their voices to promote positive economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples through employment, support for Indigenous entrepreneurs, increased partnerships with Indigenous communities and respect for Indigenous rights and title.

“We are honoured to accept this award recognizing SHARE and NATOA’s groundbreaking collaborative work in reconciliation and responsible investment. Together, we are building even greater momentum among non-Indigenous investors to steward capital in manners that advance reconciliation and respect for Indigenous rights and title,” said Mark Sevestre, Founding Member and Senior Advisor of NATOA.

RRII is a unique project in Canada, designing responsible investment approaches in support of reconciliation with Indigenous people leading that process. A growing number of Indigenous communities across Canada have established or are in the process of establishing trusts to hold and manage the funds obtained from claims settlements and business activities. Through these trusts and other economic development initiatives, Indigenous peoples are stewarding sovereign pools of wealth and capital to help meet their immediate needs and for the benefit future generations.

“We are grateful to work alongside Indigenous investors and a growing network of allied institutional investors from across Canada who are mobilizing to use their voices to align capital with Indigenous values, rights and title, and reconciliation,” said Katherine Wheatley, Project Lead for the Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative.

“In the coming years, we look forward to continuing to support Indigenous investors as leaders in prudently managing their communities’ financial resources, consistent with their values.”

About SHARE (Shareholder Association for Research & Education)

SHARE is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to mobilizing investor leadership for a sustainable, inclusive, and productive economy. Since 2000, SHARE has built a community of values-driven investors with more than $23 billion in assets under management. SHARE provides proxy voting analysis, shareholder engagement, education, policy advocacy, and practical research. SHARE’s clients include pension funds, mutual funds, foundations, Indigenous trusts, faith-based organizations and asset managers across Canada.


NATOA is committed to providing Indigenous Peoples of Canada with the resources and information that will help them efficiently create, manage, and operate trusts as a means to ensure the seven generations yet unborn, can benefit from the goals and dreams of the present generation. NATOA’s goal is to be a highly professional and relevant resource for Indigenous Peoples in becoming self-sustaining and vital economic communities.