Building knowledge about Trusts and Investments for Indigenous people by Indigenous people, to enhance the professionalism and accountability in the management of this important resource.
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Michele Young-Crook

President and CEO

Michele Young-Crook

President and CEO

Anishinaabe/Bear Clan, Michele has been a part of the organization since its inception in 2006, Michele volunteered for 6 years at the beginning and has played an integral role in the growth of NATOA as a result of her 17 years of experience in marketing and sales.

When becoming a full-time staff member in 2013 she increased the revenue by 100%. When she was in the role of COO she tripled the revenue with her dedication to membership, sponsorship and commitment to the operation of NATOA. In the first 6 months as CEO of NATOA she grew the total revenue from $400,000 to almost $900,000. She continues to strive to make NATOA the centre of Excellence in Trust and Investment as well as making sure the needs of Indigenous Women and Indigenous Youth are being met.

Michele stewards’ relationships between the private sector and Indigenous charities, she has collaborated with various Indigenous communities and corporate groups to strengthen the awareness of capacity building in communities. Michele’s passion for the indigenous peoples of Canada continues to show, from her lobbying to have a platform for indigenous women and indigenous youth. The additional events that she has added to the roster of shown a great social impact among our communities. Michele has shared her incredible story as a #1 International & Canadian bestselling author for the book, Unbreakable Spirit (2018) and is currently writing her second which will be released Winter 2020.

Michele is driven by her deep connection to her Indigenous culture, as she forged her own path seeking the roots of her ancestry despite not being raised in the traditional ways of her ancestors. This is passed along through much of her work in public speaking. Michele is the Co-Chair for the Durham Catholic District School Boards Indigenous Education Advisory Circle, Committee Member for the Human Rights Watch Gala & a Board of Director for the Canadian Juries Commission.