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Karli Robertson

Karli Robertson

Aanii/Boozhoo Karli Robertson ndizhinikaaz, Sunderland ndoo-njibaa, Nbapaa Anishinaabe-nini miinwaa ngaashi zhaaganaash-kwe. Kinoomagenh miinwaa Anishinaabemowin ekinomaagozid ndaawag. Nmiigwechiwendam.

I am a graduate from Trent University’s Master’s program in Indigenous Studies, where I studied stereotypes of Indigenous women and identity in connection to land and continued colonial violence. I also specialized in Anishinaabemowin through The Chanie Wenjack School of Indigenous Studies. I am proud to be of Anishinaabe heritage and will always be a lifelong learner.

I am currently working within Indigenous Education at the elementary and secondary school levels at DDSB and DCDSB. I am actively striving to promote Anishnaabemowin within our communities and to keep learning the language in hopes to pass on these knowledges to our future generations.

I am very grateful for my connections to the Indigenous community members and knowledge holders who are helping to guide me along this path of learning and for opportunities such as these to learn together.

Gchi-Miigwech kina-gwaya