Indigenous Youth Summit 2021

The NATOA Indigenous Youth Summit is a two-day event that focuses on empowering our youth with skills and advice to jumpstart their careers. NATOA is pleased to provide an inclusive space for participants to connect and learn across various areas. This summit also aims to provide youth attendees with a platform to make new friends, share experiences & build resiliency to inspire their future success.

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Nadine St-Louis
Founder & Executive Director, Sacred Fire Productions

"Money is symbolic to power and being in control. You can start being in control of your money from the group up by orchestrating discipline."

Michele Young-Crook
CEO, NATOA / Founder, IndigiMall

"My success as an entrepreneur has been because of the leadership and support I've received and I plan to pay that forward through mentoring others when I can."

Vickie Whitehead
Director, Indigenous Services Crowe McKay

"There is no Cree word for tax, but when you start your Indigenous business it's a reality. Get the facts, keep your records and connect with your brothers and sisters when you need help."

Victoria LaBillois
Owner, Wejipeg Excavation

"Indigenous people are the original entrepreneurs of this land and we knew when and where to harvest, we practiced sustainability and we had well established trading routes amongst the Nations. The land and water provided a life of abundance for all our people. Entrepreneurship is not new to us, we are experiencing a reclaiming of this space"

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