22 Days of Trust

22 Days of Trust is a webinar series focused on knowledge sharing among Indigenous communities and Trust officers across Canada. Each community presentation highlights the successes and lessons learned, along with community values and development strategies encompassed in each Trust structure. All sessions are pre-recorded and sent out to registrants via e-mail.

22 Days of Trust

If your Community Trust is interested in speaking at the 22 Days of Trust Webinar Series, please email for more information.

Please note, NATOA is offering a $300.00 honorarium for each presentation.

What presentations will share:
-Your community Trust structure
-How decisions were made
-Who was involved in the process
-How your community values were considered
-The challenges and successes you have experienced

This event will be opened to Trustees, beneficiaries, members of chief and council, and community representatives only, creating a safe space for knowledge and experience sharing.

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