The National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association

Education Committee

The Education Committee is chaired by Mark Sevestre and is responsible for the Accreditation Program, presentations and professional development. NATOA is currently looking for volunteers to assist us in educating our members and Aboriginal Communities.

The Education Committee will meet quarterly or as needed and the chair of the education committee will report to the full Board of Directors on a regular and on-going basis.

The Education Committee is responsible for the life-long learning of the NATOA Members on issues related to and that affect Trusts as well as accreditation program.

The Education Committee will work with an accredited educational institution to provide and develop an on-line program related to Aboriginal Trusts that will be available to members and non-members.

The Education Committee will develop, provide and coordinate professional development opportunities for the benefit of members and future members with the support of the NATOA membership and corporate sponsors.

The Education Committee will promote the development of Aboriginal Trust Managers, Trustees, and Community Members in the administration, management and development of Aboriginal Trusts.

The Education Committee will share educational resources, Trust industry professionals, professional development opportunities and training opportunities with members.

The Education Committee will continue to promote, enhance and develop NATOA.



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